About Fred

I am married to my wife of twenty-five years, Diana, we have a daughter Sophia and twin boys Phillip and Fred.  I am a doer.  I rather build something than buy it. I rather repair something than replace it. When our sons turned 14,  I told them they could have any car they wanted, but they had to build it.  Fred built a 1984 jeep, and Phillip a 1966 Mustang.  When each vehicle was completed the boys and I took a significant road trip to make sure they performed properly.

My family and I have participated in charity work including League of Young Men, National Charity League, and the Sons and Daughters of Italy.  You may have seen my children and I and the Orange International Street fair serving sausage and meatball sandwiches.

Upon graduation and the passing of the bar, I patented a product and manufactured it until 2002, at which time the company was destroyed by family infighting, and significant civil litigation.  This was significant life changing event that has shaped the way I conduct myself in the courtroom and with my clients.  As an attorney, I have always made myself available to anyone who has a legal question, free of charge.  I make it a point to explain to each, and every person that contacts me, that if I cannot help them, I will put them in contact with someone who can.  As a party to litigation, I spent a king’s ransom, I have made it my mission to provide comprehensive legal representation, at an affordable rate.

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